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Apply lotion with magnetic devices with a strong magnetic field.

  • To help improve absorption of nutrients in the lotion to the skin, some experts suggest applying lotion on your face or other body parts with a magnetic device to facilitate the process. In the strong magnetic field, bio-synthesis and metabolism will be in a special status that will enhance your local bio-process, including absorption, digestion, integration, and circulation of blood and lymph.

Special pressure point for acupressure to improve your health and treatment.

  • Based on traditional oriental medicine, there are special pressure points across your body to control the body blood, lymph and "Qi" circulation. To treat special body problems, traditional Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to stimulate certain pressure points. Experts also suggest that pressing this special pressure points with a magnetic device with a strong magnetic field could also stimulate these points and provide improvement of your health and treatment to the body problems. (Note: Magnetic Acupuncture Massager comes with the information on the special pressure point across your body and help tips for acupressure)


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